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Important Changes to the Support Department Effective October 1, 2010:
  1. The primary method of asking questions or getting help with the system will be through the Interactive Support Forums and the Searchable Knowledgebase. The Forums and Knowledgebase are available to all user types.
  2. The Email Ticket System will be used only for Urgent Bug Reports and for issues that are not appropriate for the Forums (ie. things that would require the posting of sensitive personal information in order to be resolved). This is only available to designated support contacts and will only be available by logging in to an authorized account and clicking a Support Ticket link. It will not be possible to create a ticket by emailing a new issue to us.
  3. Users clicking the Support link when logged in to a group will see the list of Support Contacts that apply to that group. They will also be given links to the Forums and Knowledgebase but will not be able to access the Ticket System, Live Chat or Phone Support. If not Users have been designated as Group Support Contacts in a group, Users will see a list of all Group Admins for the group.
Interactive Support Forums (24 / 7)
Interact with Staff, Certified System Trainers, and fellow system users. Post questions or search existing topics for answers.
Email Ticket System (24 / 7)
(Designated Support Contacts Only)
Support tickets for Bug Reports and Issues involving Personal Contact information can be created by logging in to a designated account.
Searchable Knowledgebase (24 / 7)
Search the Knowledgebase or Browse Categories to find help documents and video tutorials on just about every aspect of the system.
Live Chat (Business Hours)
(Designated Support Contacts Only)
Chat Live with a member of our Support staff to get answers or assistance with system issues.
Phone Support (Business Hours)
(Designated Support Contacts Only)
Call us during business hours and speak to one of our Support Staff. Voicemails get emailed to us so we can recieve messages even when we are away from the office.
Remote Help / Screen Sharing
(Designated Support Contacts Only)
Useful in resolving issues that are difficult to explain without seeing it onscreen. Share your screen or view ours to make sure everyone is literally "on the same page." Support Philosophy
We try to provide a lot of different ways for you to get answers to questions and to get help with issues. We offer an interactive Support Forum, a Searchable Knowledgebase, and an Email Ticket System as well as Live Chat, Remote Screen Sharing, and Phone Support (during business hours). The Email Ticket System, Live Chat, Remote Screen Sharing, and Phone Support are for designated support contacts only. Other users will be referred to the Support Forums, the Knowledgebase, or their Group Support Contacts.
We will respond as quickly as possible to urgent issues that are posted on the Forum or issued through our Email Ticket System. Designated support contacts for your group are also able to call during business hours (usually 9:00am to 6:00pm ET). However, you will certainly have some questions outside of those times and we feel that providing you with several other methods of support gives you more flexibility in getting answers to those questions. By dealing directly with designated support contacts only we help to keep your costs lower. Even though we don't support end users directly, we do try to offer them as much help as possible through our Support Forums, Knowledgebase, Username/Password Retrieval Tools, etc.
While you may occasionally get forum or email responses from us late at night, our phone support outside of normal business hours will be limited to appointments and emergencies only. That means we probably won't answer the phone at 3:00am the night before your big tournament when you have a question. That is one of the main reasons we provide the interactive Support Forums and searchable Knowledgebase. The Forums are moderated by Staff and Certified System Trainers in various time zones. This allows you to get answers outside of normal business hours from our staff as well as your fellow Admins, Assignors, Officials, etc.